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Parsons the Builder and Landscapers - Cornwall

Whether you are looking for builders in Cornwall or landscaping services in Cornwall - Parsons the Builder can help you.

With over 20 years in the building trade and a friendly and approachable team, Parsons the Builder offer:

  • A Project Manager to run and oversee your project


  • “Hands on Approach” Always on site to keep you up to date with progress


  • A “Come, Stay, Build and Finish Approach” (not swanning off every 5 minutes)

          We are a family business dedicated to providing our customers with a professional service.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation - Please ask for details on our 10 working day promise on returning your price, your work schedule and your payment scheme.

If you want a reliable and professional builder or landscaper - try Parsons.


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Listed Buildings Specialist

An interested and sympathetic approach to the history and integrity of the building, taking into account the customers perceived end result trying to understand their real time living practicalities and needs.

Always trying to reuse original materials or source reclaimed alternatives, achieve a balance of Character and original charm with modern building techniques and materials.

We have over the years built up an excellent working relationship with the listed building department at local council, being trusted to deliver their requirements but at the same time able to negotiate trade and influence a decision.

Deliver a restored / converted building to a very high standard using excellent tradesmen and taking real pride in our work.

About our work force:


  • Electricians qualified and Part P Certified


  • Plumbers Corgi Registered


  • Roofers members of NFRC


No project is too big or small, so please feel welcome to contact us with your requirements.

Landscaping Cornwall

Parsons offer an unrivalled landscaping service throughout Cornwall

Tradesman delivering very high standards from start to finish.

Our Landscaping Services include: -


  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Patio’s natural stone / concrete products
  • Stone work
  • Custom built animal shelters
  • Garden maintenance / clearance

Granite Paving Cornwall

A very exclusive material, very appropriate for our surroundings.


Granite comes in various sizes and colours, different in appearance that is laid tight to each other with no pointed joint giving a seamless patio or path.

Granite is very sensitive to lighting conditions giving a beautiful appearance at all times, very contemporary with modern furniture.

Stone Paving Cornwall

A material that has a timeless quality with real visual appeal, colours and textures that change with the seasons, always lending itself to different lighting conditions.

Natural stone does not fade over the years just matures giving a real quality look to your property.

There are many different colours and shades available with multiple sizes to achieve random patterns, circles etc

Stone sets are available giving a cobble effect used as edging or main paths and driveways.

Slate paving

A good material for the older properties and those who require a mature rustic feel available in all sizes and various colours.

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