Parsons the Builder and Landscapers Cornwall

Whether you are looking for builders in Cornwall or landscaping services in Cornwall - Parsons the Builder can help you.

builders and landscapers in cornwallWith over 20 years in the building trade and a friendly and approachable team, Parsons the Builder offer:

• A Project Manager to run and oversee your project

• “Hands on Approach” Always on site to keep you up to date with progress

• A “Come, Stay, Build and Finish Approach” (not swanning off every 5 minutes)

We are a family business dedicated to providing our customers with a professional service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation - Please ask for details on our 10 working day promise on returning your price, your work schedule and your payment scheme.

If you want a reliable and professional builder or landscaper - try Parsons.

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